1. alfiusdebux:

    Man Ray, Untitled Rayogram, 1959

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  3. jeannepompadour:

    Lancers, detail from the archers’ frieze in Darius’ palace at Susa, c. 510 BC

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  4. womenofarthistory:

    Sleeping Venus
    Artemisia Gentileschi
    c. 1625-30
    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, USA 

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  5. nocttis:


    Unknown Title-George Barbier(1882-1932, French)


  6. stillunusual:

    Ian McCulloch (1981)

  8. Eugene, Oregon. Willamette River.

  9. Isabella Rossellini

  10. alfiusdebux:

    House in Puglia Italy, 1971

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